Wolkenseifen’s cream deodorant

Wolkenseifen cream deodorants

The Wolkenseifen company is located in Germany and produces cream deodorants with a small team. Wolkenseifen creates its own scents for the products. I‘ am a Wolkenseifen-user since a few years and I order mostly three different variations of the cream deodorants in a 25-ml-jar. It takes me approximately six months to use them up. But these cream deodorants aren’t your usual antiperspirant.

Cream deodorant without aluminium salts

It doesn’t prevent sweating, because it doesn’t contain aluminium salts. But it stops the smell of perspiration better than every other deodorant I can think of. In my expirience the cream binds that smell so good, it lasts the whole day. And it still works, when I’d sweat a lot. The only downer are the sweat patches. When I’m wearing white tops or shirts, I always us a normal spray deodorant. Otherwise I would have visible sweat patches under my arms. With thicker fabrics or dark colors, there’s no problem at all.

Cream deodorant jar Traumstunden

Scents from cotton candy to crispy laundry

Now I’m using the cream deodorant every day for two or three years. Furthermore I like their deodorant scents very much. „Coquette“ for example smells like coconut, passion fruit and vanilla. Whereas the coconut scent is very dominant. „Anno 1950“  gives off a cotton candy fragrance and the „Traumstunden“-deodorant smells crisp and light. That scent reminds me a bit of newly cleand laundry. Wolkenseifen also offers cream deodorants for men: „Masculine“ smells according to the description like a classic Eau de Toilette for men. „On the Rocks“ is a unisex-scent for men and women. You can find all cream deodorant variations on the website of Wolkenseifen.

  • Cream deodorant jar Anno 1950
    This is how the cream deodorant looks like: a firm, smooth mass.

The first flagship store opened on 2nd November 2017 in Heidelberg, Hauptstraße 135. There you get to test and smell their whole product range. Read more articles under „favorite pieces“.

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