Medieval Festival in Herzogenaurach

The medieval festival in Herzogenaurach

Juggler, musicians, arts and crafts – the medieval festival in Herzogenaurach was very entertaining. Medieval bands like Sagax Furor and The Sandsacks played from afternoon to evening for the crowd and Juggler Kasper amused the audience with artistic and funny performances.

Fortuneteller and druid stones

Mystical spirits could get told their future at the ‘Wahrsagerey’, which means fortuneteller. Craftsmen like a smith, a grinder and spinstresses showed their century old crafts at the festival. Besides commerical medieval booths there were also some arts and crafts booths present. Joachim Fux aka Vulpius Multiplex sold at his booth engraved drinking-horns, magic druid stones and handmade leather holders for the horns. He makes belts, bags and other leather products on demand as well.

  • Fortuneteller at the medieval festival
    Relaxed: the fortuneteller at the medieval festival in Herzogenaurach.

Divine axe-jewelry

Petra Plaesser in contrast sells different incense materials at her booth with the enchanting name ‘Petronellas Zauberrauch’, which translates literally to ‘Petronella’s magic incense’. Every incense witch will find the right ingredient for her very own mix at ‘Petronella’s’ booth. Benzoin, variable sorts of frankincense, copal and many other incense ingredients were available. Extraordinary jewelry was to find at Manfred Porath’s booth at the medieval festival in Herzogenaurach: axe-necklaces. He revitalizes the ‘tradition of portable axes’ of the Vikings. The ancient scandinavian people, used the axe as a tool and weapon but also as a cult object. Manfred Porath’s axe pendants are inspired by historic models of those tools, for example german and austrian axes of the eleventh to twelfth century.

  • The booth of Manred Porath.
    Manfred Poraths booth with his handmade axe-jewelry. The axes are available in silver and bronze.

Ancient glasses at the medieval festival in Herzogenaurach

Seeing things through is the profession of Hermann Dahmen. At his booth he sold models of ancient glasses. The spectacles are handmade by himself. He crafts medieval eyewear but also models from more recent times. Furthermore the visitors could have a look at real historic frames from different centuries. The glasses-maker fabricates the spectacles after real models but also according to customer request. A good sight is also recommended during archery. At the booth of Varvoelgy, a merchant of traditionals arrows and archers. Varvoelgy sells hungarian horseman bows and matching arrows. The archers are handmade by a bowyer in Hungary and distributed by the merchant.

  • The owner of the ancient eyewear booth.
    Hermann Dahmen in front of his booth with historic eyewear.

Of pirates and lingnonberry mustard

Modern dressed and medieval clothed visitors were strolling through the lanes of the festival. But the historic clothes aren’t just medieval – the pirat crew ‘Queen of Raven’ mingled also with the crowds. Of course the market offered a wide range of different foods too: hemp bread with turkey, ‘Mutzbraten’, a roast originally from Thueringen and Sachsen, Crêpes and bratwurst made of game for example. Visitors quenched the thirst with mead, beer, wine and other medieval beverages. But there were also non alcoholic refreshments like coke or mineral water. Overall a small, but successful market.

  • Members of the pirate crew Queen of Raven.
    Timeless: the pirate crew 'Queen of Raven' was also at the medieval festival in Herzogenaurach.

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