Favorite Pieces: Sparkling Pearl Ring

Pearl ring from above. The ring is handmade.


Twinkle, twinkle little Star – even it is not a star in this case, the pearl ring twinkles just as good as the little star. That proofs: a charming ring doesn’t have to be expensive, neither has it to be made of gold or platinum nor has it to be diamonset.

The classy designed accessoire for fingers consists of different pearls and is decorated with a dark blue crystal. The colors of the pearls match perfectly and the crystal reflects the light wonderfully. The light blue pearls at the upper side of the ring and the white pearls in the middle of the ring band shimmer in different shades of blue (not gray, ladies). White gemstones frame the crystal on both sides.

Pearl ring shot from side.

Even when the ring is made „only“ of pearls, it appears elegant and stylish. It fits to a bright evening gown just as perfect as to a plain white shirt and jeans. The gem looks impressing alone or worn with several rings on a hand. It also matches the pearl trend this year. However, when the trend is over, the timeless design of this wearable artpiece speaks for itself.

Comfortable to wear

The band of the ring is not expendable. It is therefore necessary to try the pearl ring before you buy it. It’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t press against the skin. If you wear very fine fabrics, it could happen that the ring will get stuck. But this doesn’t occur often. Belinda Maier designed the enchanting gem. She creates art and jewelry design in Weissenburg. The ring was bought at her booth at the Christmas market in Duerrenmungenau.

The band of the ring is also made of pearls. It's not expendable.

For those, who like their rings more plain, Cheyblue or diekette are crafting pearl rings with minimalistic design. Edgy rings are to find at the etsy-page of fuchsle. You find more favorite pieces in our rubric of the same name. We introduce varios arts & crafts pieces there.



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